Blood Glucose


One-Step Blood Glucose Testing

Development support for the development of a highly innovative blood glucose metering system, in which pricking and measuring was integrated in an almost painless operating step.

velixX was entrusted with the optimization of the measurement precision.

As functionally critical elements the optical elements of μ-fluidic pearl and the optical pathway were identified. By diffferent measures in the optical pathway and the calculation algorithm velixX was able to improve the measured value variation from a spreading width of 8-12% to a precision of less than 5%. Therefor it was necessary to optimize very different parts of the system:

  • Modification of light sources and filters
  • Optimization of manufacturing processes
  • Film coating process
  • Modify different components in optical pathway
  • Change the complete measurement algorithm: error and influence compensation, calculation and calibration
  • Assembly processes


Manfred Augstein
Wildbader Straße 7
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