You have the critical topic

We find the solution

When things get tight for others...

...we really get going.

In order to illustrate our services and our way of working we also offer an audiovisual insight into our daily work.

Medical Device Development

Security – Reliability – Usability

This and much more is expected from healthcare products. Achieving this goal is often very complex. We’ll clear the way for you.

Of course we are not alone in this. Our partners are at our side at all times.

velixX in three words?

fast, creative, and experienced.

We know the shortcuts.

We generally work in the context of in-vitro diagnostics, but our core focus is on disposables. And that has been the case for over ten years now.

Small and complex!

System Interfaces

Medicine – Biology – Technology

This is what defines our diagnostic systems.

velixX builds bridges between the worlds, translates the languages, and puts critical components together.

Which systems clash?

Biology and engineering, doctors and computer scientists, medicine and physics, man and machine, mass production and precision, quality managers and developers.

This may seem impossible at first, but finding the limit of what is feasible is precisely one of our tasks.

We are a small team of highly specialized engineers who are well connected in all subject areas.

We bring the components of your system together.



Developing Disposables

Analysis – Diagnostics – Monitoring

All this is hardly conceivable without disposables. And that is exactly why it is so important for us at velixX to drive this area of medical technology forward.

We are all familiar with the mountains of rapid tests that are currently being created all over the world. This has shown how important our focus on sustainability is. From planning to disposal.

We use our customers’ new ideas as a starting point for development: from requirements to technical feasibility to initial serial production.

We provide support all along the way.

Because we bring a wide range of experience from different disciplines to the team, it is not difficult for us to understand even complex interrelationships down to the last detail.

Combining many functions in a small space is one of our strengths. And thus, of course, also a good way to reduce material use and waste.

Sustainability has many facets.

From the microfluidic cartridge to the complete lab-on-chip – many functions can be combined in very small plastic parts.

Your task requires a complex solution in a very small space.Then you’ve come to the right place.

When things get tight for others, we really get going.



If we have aroused your interest and you would like to get to know us personally, please contact us at


Manfred Augstein
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