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velixX GmbH is a development company of the next generation.  This new generation company aims to coordinate the product development with a network of the best available product development partners. velixX offers outstanding technical consulting, system development, design review and comprehensive management of technically challenging product development projects. We excel at skillful integration of complex technologies into ergonomically designed, user-friendly products. Together with our elaborate network of experienced industry partners, we are dedicated to resolving every technical challenge on the path to your product development – helping you optimize costs and time, at every stage of the project.

Our development teams have a dynamic composition of highly skilled experts which enables us to handle development projects rapidly and with great flexibility. velixX offers a large reservoir pool of technical competencies with renowned international partners. Depending on your project’s needs velixX swiftly engages its partners from diverse fields including from universities, academia and industry. For judging project feasibility, as well as for ensuring production we collaborate with the leading manufacturersof different technologies. These long-term partnerships with different development companies and partners, form the core concept of velixX.

As a highly experienced project manager and managing director, Mr. Manfred Augstein, takes the center stage of the activities at velixX GmbH. Based on his 25 years of hands-on in-vitro diagnostic product development experience at Roche Diagnostics (rsp. Boehringer Mannheim), Mr. Augstein, skillfully analyses complex systems to spot innovative technical solutions to even the toughest of product development challenges. In addition, he has a large network of partnerships and technical specialists in all disciplines, that come together to offer you the best guidance for developing state-of-the-art products.


The issue has priority. The administration follows!

We help you implement contemporary and interdisciplinary techniques fast, because of our short, direct information channels and the very different professionals of available in our network. Flat organizational structures and technically oriented staffing allow us a lean and smart way of working.

With our short decision-making processes and the large freedom of action we guarantee a fast and pragmatic action. We ensure mutual technical understanding as it is the prerequisite for sound system thinking and action.

We are interested in giving true value to our customers and are very focused on not wasting your time. Our communication pathways are short, our partners respond quickly and the results are very target-oriented.

So, if you are looking for solution-oriented partners, committed to bringing you the best results, then get in touch with us today.


Pragmatism and Quality are not in competition. In our segment, quality is one of the absolute basics. So we decided to get certified with our existing Quality Management System.


Manfred Augstein
Wildbader Straße 7
68239 Mannheim
+49-621-437 08 001

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