Networking with our Competitors?

Healthcare Shapers Annual Conference 2023

What happens when experts share their expertise and work together to develop innovative solutions? This is exactly the approach of the Healthcare Shapers network.

As a company committed to providing the best possible solutions for its healthcare customers, velixX believes it is important to be part of a network of professionals working toward the same goals.

What makes Healthcare Shapers special is that it brings together experts from the medical technology industry who are normally perceived as competitors. They work together to share their knowledge and drive projects forward together.

Healthcare Shapers network members recognize that the power of collaboration ultimately benefits the entire healthcare industry by driving innovation faster and improving patient outcomes.

The network’s annual conference provides an excellent opportunity to build and maintain personal relationships.

velixX CEO Manfred Augstein is proud to be part of this distinguished group of experts: “I am convinced that the network will provide valuable insights that we can incorporate into our own work at velixX GmbH to help our customers even more efficiently.”

Learn more about the type of contribution velixX can make to your project under Insights.

Go to Healthcare Shapers here.

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