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We are in the starting blocks to attend COMPAMED 2023 – one of the world’s most prestigious medical technology trade shows. This show is invaluable to us as it gives us the opportunity to experience first-hand the latest technological developments and innovations in our industry.

CompAMED functions not only as a showcase for technologies, but also as a platform for intensive professional exchange. We eagerly look forward to this opportunity to share our insights and explore potential collaborations with leading companies and professionals.

Our dedicated experts will be on hand during the show to identify groundbreaking solutions and products that can enrich our ongoing projects. Our top priority is to keep our finger on the pulse to provide world-class services and products to our customers.

We invite you to contact us to arrange a personal meeting and learn more about our innovations and services. Take this chance to explore common opportunities and discuss our cooperation. We are highly motivated to understand your needs and offer customized solutions.

Contact us today at, and we look forward to meeting you in person at COMPAMED 2023 from 13.11.2023 to 16.11.2023.

Our booth at MedtecLIVE with T4M in Nuremberg was a great success and an excellent opportunity for interesting discussions and inspiring new ideas.

Of course, anyone who was unable to visit us at our booth in person missed out. But we all know the challenges that can come with limited time and busy calendars. Sometimes you just can’t get everything done that you set out to do.

But luckily, you don’t have to wait until MedtecLIVE 2024 in Stuttgart to get to know velixX GmbH!

At velixX, our experienced engineers bring their expertise and professional knowledge to successfully implement your ideas. We offer customized solutions and individual consulting for your specific challenges. Through our large network of experts, your ideas can thrive and grow with us.

Our dedicated project managers are ready to drive your development and create customized solutions for you. You can count on us to thoroughly understand your requirements and achieve your goals.

If you are wondering how you can benefit from our expertise and services, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime at

We are always ready for networking in medical technology and perfect healthcare solutions – and we look forward to hearing from you and developing innovative solutions together!

Wir sind stets bereit für Networking in der Medizintechnik und perfekte Gesundheitslösungen – und wir freuen uns darauf, von Ihnen zu hören und gemeinsam innovative Lösungen zu entwickeln!

What happens when experts share their expertise and work together to develop innovative solutions? This is exactly the approach of the Healthcare Shapers network.

As a company committed to providing the best possible solutions for its healthcare customers, velixX believes it is important to be part of a network of professionals working toward the same goals.

What makes Healthcare Shapers special is that it brings together experts from the medical technology industry who are normally perceived as competitors. They work together to share their knowledge and drive projects forward together.

Healthcare Shapers network members recognize that the power of collaboration ultimately benefits the entire healthcare industry by driving innovation faster and improving patient outcomes.

The network’s annual conference provides an excellent opportunity to build and maintain personal relationships.

velixX CEO Manfred Augstein is proud to be part of this distinguished group of experts: “I am convinced that the network will provide valuable insights that we can incorporate into our own work at velixX GmbH to help our customers even more efficiently.”

Learn more about the type of contribution velixX can make to your project under Insights.

Go to Healthcare Shapers here.

To network with our team, feel free to call, email or network with us on LinkedIN

Since August 2019, velixX GmbH’s quality management system has been certified according to the latest ISO standard for medical technology development – and has now been newly recertified in August 2022.

During the recertification audit, which took place on August 11th and 12th, the QM system of velixX GmbH was again certified as meeting all requirements of the standard.

“Quality management is a matter of course in medical technology – and for us at velixX it was clear that we would also have our quality management system certified,” emphasizes Managing Director Manfred Augstein. “Quality management does not depend on the size of the company – and we are pleased that we have once again been formally certified as working with medical technology-compliant processes.”

There is no conflict between the organization and the management of modern development processes and good quality management. On the contrary. For the customers of velixX GmbH, the QM certificate is further proof of the reliability and the high quality of results of the services offered.

“Our customers rely not only on our know-how and creative approach to problem solving but also on the reliability and high quality of all our services.”

Long awaited. Exciting from start to finish. And already successful!

It has only been a month since MedtecLIVE in Stuttgart, but the first impression after quite an exhausting week has already been confirmed for velixX.

Almost the entire team was on site. All our engineers were directly approachable and accordingly, many in-depth conversations were possibly. What caused astonishment among some of our new contacts is a matter of course for us:

We are a small team in a highly specialized industry and offer very individual and complex services. Direct communication without long detours is crucial for us. Not only in an initial conversation, but throughout the entire development process.

We are delighted with the great interest shown in us and the numerous new contacts we were able to make in Stuttgart. But we are just as happy about the personal reunions with current and former customers and partners.

See you again in Nuremberg for MedtecLIVE 2023!

Video: © NürnbergMesse GmbH – thank you!

When velixX celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2020, the company, like the entire industry, was busy with other issues. But in October 2021 the “next generation” development company celebrates 10 successful years at the Mannheim-Seckenheim location. And they are taking the opportunity for a look back.

“velixX in 3 words? – fast, creative, and experienced.”

This is how founder and CEO Manfred Augstein sums up the strengths of his company. His approach? No sluggish, all-encompassing company, but the coordination of a network of the best available development partners.

Manfred Augstein – founder and CEO of velixX

“The dynamic interaction of our development teams with the experts required in each case enables us to work on projects with the necessary flexibility and with large capacity reserves,” emphasizes Augstein, who previously worked in various functions in the diagnostics industry for 20 years. “Solid and long-term development partnerships form the core of our corporate concept.”

Focus on the Task – not on Administration

Thanks to quick, direct communication and the large variety of specialists, velixX is able to work quickly and in an interdisciplinary manner. Where medicine, biology and technology collide, velixX really gets going and builds bridges between the different spheres. Wherever the limits of what is feasible have apparently been reached, the small team of highly specialized and excellently networked engineers brings together critical components.

Mutual professional understanding is the prerequisite for systemic thinking and acting. Always focused on the solution and always committed to the best result. Flat hierarchical structures and team members working in their strong fields make for an uncomplicated and well thought-out way of working. Short decision-making channels and great freedom of action for each individual ensure fast and pragmatic action. To ensure that customers get real value for money, the entire team is keen to waste little time.

The paths are short, the partners respond quickly, and the results are goal-oriented.

Since quality is a key issue and an absolute must in the field of medical devices, the company’s quality management system is, of course, certified in accordance with ISO 13485 since August 2019.

VelixX – perfect healthcare solutions

Pragmatism, precision and quality go hand in hand for velixX . Because safety, reliability and usability are expected of healthcare products, velixX has made it its goal to clear this path for its customers and development partners. Over the past 11 years and in the future.

“We are using the company anniversary as an opportunity to take a closer look at our services and to focus once again on what distinguishes our brand from others,” explains Manfred Augstein, who plans to make up for the missed anniversary celebration in the coming year. “We welcome feedback from all those who have worked with us in recent years – and we invite those who have not yet met us to get in touch and to get to know us.”


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